Whether you choose to believe it or not, attractiveness decides the quality of your life.

It can either be a huge blessing or the biggest curse. The importance of attractiveness is often downplayed. People who recognize this importance are considered shallow, narcissistic, and egotistical. We are conditioned to believe this, and live our lives blind to the harsh reality that our attractiveness is judged and plays a role in every social interaction we have. While we may opt to ignore this, It benefits us more to embrace and fight this lookism bias which exists around it.

The ugly truth:

Starting on the day you were born you were judged on your attractiveness. A study showed that unattractive babies only evoked significantly more emotions of disgust (measured by corrugator supercilii and levator labii superioris movement) than attractive infant faces. (1)

Another study showed that attractiveness of children is correlated with how their parents treated them during trips to the supermarket. The researchers noted if the parents belted their youngsters into the grocery cart seat, how often the parents’ attention lapsed and the number of times the children were allowed to engage in potentially dangerous activities like standing up in the shopping cart.Pretty and ugly children were treated in starkly different ways, with seat belt use increasing in direct proportion to attractiveness. When a woman was in charge, 4 percent of the homeliest children were strapped in compared with 13.3 percent of the most attractive children. The difference was even more acute when fathers led the shopping expedition—in those cases, none of the least attractive children were secured with seat belts, while 12.5 percent of the prettiest children were.

We see through this that beauty is not only Innate, but natural. Our appreciation for beauty is not taught or influenced by Media’s propaganda, rather it is born with us.

This is shown in the following studies

Newborn babies (15-151 hours old) preferred attractive female faces vs unattractive faces (2)

Good looking children perform better than average looking children academically by .04 stdev per stdev in looks. (3)

For students with low facial attractiveness Aggression was associated with a reduction in popularity However, popularity did not decrease as a function of aggression for adolescents high on facial attractiveness. (4)

Physical unattractiveness increased incidence rate of depression 20% vs 11% in adolescence of both gender (5)

Even In a courtroom, the most fair place on earth. Where all external variables are governed and equal where race, gender, and socioeconomic standings should have no influence Lookism still runs rampant.

In fact, during an experiment which aimed to remove facial stereotyping  on the outcomes of trials, the experiment failed with the reason:

“Participants could not be prevented from judging defendants with untrustworthy facial appearances as guilty more often, no matter how hard scientists tried.”

Can We Reduce Facial Biases? Princeton University

More studies about Lookism in court

Unattractive people received 175–305 percent longer sentences than attractive people (7)

In a trial study, Unattractive people were sentenced to an average of 4.1years in prison vs 1.87 for attractive people (8)

In a scenario where the criminal is clearly guilty, the women gave higher sentences to the unattractive criminal (24.71 years), than the attractive criminal (15.11 years). This amounts to a 63.53% increase. (9)

Unattractive criminals were punished higher than attractive criminals in three studies. The lowest increase was at 119.25% and the highest increase was at 304.88%. (10)

“It’s clear that mock jurors possess a bias against unattractive defendants. For negligent homicide, robbery, burglary, and civil negligence, unattractive defendants were sentenced higher than attractive defendants.” (11)

The effects of Lookism in society are so abundant and widespread. In fact until the 1970s , it was ILLEGAL in the USA to be extremely ugly and show your face in public. To not acknowledge this is a great injustice to those which suffer from lookism everyday. Just as we protest for our brothers suffering abuse at the hands of religion, race, and sexual orientation we must join hands and protest, or at least acknowledge the systematic discrimination faced by being unattractive.