Does Attractiveness Promise Happiness

 The beauty of the blackpill is that it is rooted in its evidence. In stark contrast to the mainstream theories, the blackpill is supported by mountains of empirical evidence. Attractiveness has been studied in specific areas. Income it was noted that 1 standard deviation increase in facial attractiveness correlates with 10.9% increase in mens log hourly income. (1) Attractiveness was also found to be “the strongest indicator of initial romantic interest in both sexes.” While it is evident the drastic effect attractiveness has on these facets of life, this article discussed the fundamental relationship between happiness and Attractiveness.

Study 1

Data Set: The following data set consists of the Quality of american Life (QAL), Wisconsin Longitudinal Survey (WLR), and the British National Child Development Study (NCDS).

Measuring beauty:

 QAL: 5point scale Attractiveness, 7point scale satisfaction, 3point scale happiness

WLR: 11point scale judged by yearbook photo, 100point scale satisfaction, 7 point scale happiness (how many days out of a week are you happy)



“The effects of differences in beauty on life satisfaction or happiness are not small, at least in the 1978 data. Using the estimates from the equations expanded to include controls, going from the bottom eighth of men’s looks (those rated below-average) to the top third (those rated above-average) raises satisfaction with life by 0.45 (0.48) standard deviations; the effects on happiness of this difference in beauty are 0.38 (0.48) standard deviations”

  • It is noteworthy that the loss from being unattractive, is bigger than the gain from being attractive. This data set confirms the direct correlation between attractiveness and Quality of life

Study 2:

Methodology:35 subjects were rated on a scale of 1-7, and then asked to fill out measures of happiness, neuroticism, and self-esteem. 

Results: Physical attractiveness was found to correlate positively with happiness (r equals .37), negatively with neuroticism (r equals minus.22),

Discussion: While the study did note that women had higher positive effects, one theory is that the output (friends, dating) of physical attraction is the same for men and women, however women value those aspects more.

Study 3:

Preface: this study is less reliable since it measures waist:hip ratio. However we know that bodyfat percentage is closely correlated with Waist:hip ratio, and Body Fat percentage is one of the highest correlations with attractiveness. Through that we extrapolate that waist: hip ratio is a decent measure of attractivenes

Results: among urban participants, greater conformity to cultural ideals of attractiveness (i.e., lower WHR) predicts better well-being, partly through its relationship with positive social connectedness. 

Discussion: The relevance of this study is that it shows the correlation in rural vs urban populations. Since the world is becoming more and more urbanized, the evidence confirms two popular blackpill theories

  1. It was much easier to live as an unattractive male in previous generations
  2. It will keep getting harder for unattractive males in the future

The findings suggest that

a) Attractiveness is directly correlated with happiness and satisfaction

b) the cost of being ugly is more than the benefit or being attractive,

c)these effects will become more and more exaggerated

Physical attractiveness and subjective well-being. By Diener, Ed,Wolsic, Brian,Fujita, Frank

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol 69(1), Jul 1995, 120-129

“BEAUTY IS THE PROMISE OF HAPPINESS”*?Jason Abrevaya and Daniel S. Hamermesh** 

Does attractiveness buy happiness? “It depends on where you’re from”

VICTORIA C. PLAUT,a GLENN ADAMS,b AND STEPHANIE L. ANDERSONbaUniversity of Georgia and bUniversity of Kansas

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