Does Minoxidil cause Collagen Loss?

One of the most common concerns when it comes to Minoxidil as a therapy against male pattern baldness is the supposed decrease in collagen production, leading to faster skin-aging. 

Since our team prefers a scientific approach to such questions, here’s a quick summary of the literature on the topic. Yes, Minoxidil has been shown to decrease collagen production by inhibiting the enzyme lysyl hydroxylase, which is necessary for its production. The caveat here is that those effects were observed in a cultivated cell culture a.k.a. in vitro, meaning that applying them to use in a human organism is very uncertain as there are many more variables to be taken into account. 

What’s more, Minoxidil has been used and extensively researched for almost 30 years and, except for some anecdotal reports on the internet, there have been no published clinical reports of such events.

In summary, it is premature to conclude that Minoxidil causes premature aging, even though more research is needed to bring the discussion to a close.