Dating Myths Debunked

If you are having problems in dating, you are probably unattractive. Don’t believe the r/AskReddit threads, thousands or you tube videos, or reassuring advice from your mom. Woman are notorious liars when it comes to sexual behavior, in a study which questioned a girls total lay count, their responses DOUBLED when told they were hooked up to a lie detector (1)

Myth number 1: Looks don’t matter:

The biggest lie we are fed is that looks don’t matter and personality is key. This is because women undergo a lot of social stigma for admitting looks matter, and while slut shaming culture exists it is not reasonable for a woman to be expected to be open about this . Secondly, when offspring or their parents rate physical attractiveness as less important than other traits, respondents assume that potential mates will possess a minimally acceptable level of physical attractiveness. In short this means, personality only matters more than looks if you meet a woman’s minimum looks threshold. (2)

True attraction

Out of the 8 traits, only sports and physical attraction was important to woman (in contrast to 5/8 for men)

What actually attracts woman

Attractive woman want it all, Good genes, economic investment, Parenting Proclivities, and emotional commitment (3)

Cues of upper body strength account for 70% of the variance in men’s bodily attractiveness. (4)

Women were most likely to choose a speed-dater 25 cm taller than themselves (5)

The hypothesis of the study suggests it is very difficult for males to get into relationships if they are unattractive. (6)

Researchers analyzed the results of 11,056 interviews in Spain to assess which factors most predicted a person’s ability to find a partner for marriage. Being unattractive reduced the probability of mating for males between 15 and 17 points, depending on the models used, when compared to the more attractive group, and 10 points compared to those with an average attractiveness level.

Sadly, even if you do manage to get a girlfriend, your unfortunate curse can still limit your success and happiness. Women who perceived themselves as more attractive than their mates more strongly resisted mate guarding; the strongest relationships were with the subscales of Covert Resistance Behaviors, Resisting Public Displays of Affection, and Avoiding Partner Contact. When women perceived themselves as more attractive than their mates, they also reported less commitment, more flirting with other men, more appealing dating alternatives, and more frequent thoughts about breaking up. (7) 

Myth number 2: Personality / nice guys / Just be yourself

Sadly, being yourself, might work to get you laid, but only if you a jerk. While men liked kind woman, woman preferred Jerks. This is because jerks are associated with higher testosterone and strength which is an instinctive attraction sign. (8) Actually Woman preferred narcissism, manipulative, & psychopathy (Dark Triad Personality). So, next time rather than buying a woman a drink, make her buy it for you. You’ll get a free drink and maybe even her number. (9)  Another study found that what attracted disinhibition, lack of responsibility, and having a sensation-seeking orientation attracted woman.

Woman don’t like men showing any signs of weakness either, That’s why “Toxic masculinity” often is a result of insecure males adapting to what WOMAN want.

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Are looks and personality linked?

Chances are that your personality is judged based on your appearance. As studies found that attractive people are considered more funny than non-attractive people. (10) A study finding differences in perceived personality before and after cosmetic surgery found out that: This survey study included photographs of 24 men who underwent facial cosmetic surgery”…… “increases were significant for perceived attractiveness (95), likeability (95%), social skills (95%), and trustworthiness (95%) when evaluating all facial cosmetic procedures together.

Myth number 3: Put yourself out there / tinder

For an unattractive male, moving from real life to online dating is like moving from your Sunday league to the FIFA world cup. Men outnumber woman 5-1, and looks are even more important.

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Men vs Female Rating

Woman rated 80% of Men below average Vs Men who accuratly rated on a bell curve

Men like 61.9% of female profiles, while females like 4.5% of men profiles

Myth number 4: You can’t change your looks / How to change your looks

Luckily, you can to some extent change your looks.

The problem is that there are 2 groups of people, those who think looks are genetic and can’t change it, and those who think you can.

However even those who think you can are misguided, as a result of marketing bullshit products and appealing to your insecurities; Its not your fault, with billions of dollars poured into propaganda telling you that you need a new eye cream, new designer shirt, new weight loss pill. 

Remember propaganda is the tool of the Rich, while knowledge is the tool of Honest. Big companies care only about profit maximization not improving your life.

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