Our Story:

At our core, we at More Attractive Man are a group of dedicated men, trying to perfect our aesthetics within our potential. Our knowledge of appearance comes from years of meticulous research, observation, and discussion. In our hyper-digital, social media-obsessed society, appearance seems to have become more important than ever.

Our Mission

Ask yourself, when you see someone out in public, do you find yourself meticulously analyzing their looks and facial structure? Subconsciously you are, and according to studies it takes but a few seconds to determine a strangers attractiveness . Despite this, the average person has little idea as to the science behind why they find that person attractive (or unattractive). In our collective journeys of self-improvement we have learned much about the mechanics behind good looks. We understand the ratios of a balanced face and how each respected ratio affects the face. But beauty is dependent on much more than just standardized ratios, it’s skin, jaw, philtrum, bizygomatic width, canthal tilt, medial canthus, gonial angle, and so much more. Together we shared our vast knowledge on aesthetics and created M.A.M, with the purpose of helping other men to improve their appearance.

Founded in July 2020, our company may seem new but our roots in this field are more mature. M.A.M. is an international organization with members from different continents. Our mission is to help you, be it with our informative articles or the personal facial analysis reports.